As mentioned on the homepage, these videos feature members of the Akritidis family, all of whom are part of the WTM Melbourne Centre. They reveal how wonderfully relieving, reconciling and healing being able to understand the human condition is. You will see how the father, Ari, has been able to compassionately understand, and therefore be honest about, his extremely egocentric behaviour and how psychologically crushing it has been of everyone (see chapter 8:16D of FREEDOM, The ‘power addicted’ state). And you will see how relieving the honest understanding we now have about the relationship between men and women (see chapter 8:11B of FREEDOM, Men and women’s relationship) has been for the women in the family. And you will see how the younger members of the family are so relieved to be able to understand why it has been so difficult for young people to cope with the soul-destroyed, seemingly mad world we live in.

Ari Akritidis

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Christos Akritidis

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Alex Akritidis

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Nicoletta Akritidis

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In the following video, WTM Melbourne member Hameed Adejumo describes how thrilled he was when he discovered Jeremy Griffith’s world-saving book, FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition, stating “I have not the slightest doubt that the world will be transformed through this explanation and understanding of the human condition, and reverse our seemingly unstoppable path towards self-annihilation.”

Hameed Adejumo was born in Nigeria and migrated to England in 1960. He has a Diploma in Engineering and worked for the British Railways, after which he was an Administrative Officer with the London Borough of Hackney. Married with three daughters and four grandchildren, Hameed and his wife moved to Melbourne in 2023.

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In Memoriam

Written by Ari Akritidis, September 7, 2022.

Con Antonopoulos, treasured friend and member of the WTM, sadly passed away unexpectedly on August 31, 2022. Con was born with spina bifida. Disabled from birth, he struggled his way through life feeling ‘less human’ than those around him. He was teased a lot at school and it was hard. He spent much of his life in and out of hospitals never really loving himself enough to take care of himself. He experienced kidney failure in his 40s and was put on a transplant waiting list. His kidney function got down to 13% a few years ago and he literally had months to live. Even though WTM Melbourne member Lucky (Angelo Sarandakis) and I had gone to school with Con, we lost touch until about 3 years ago when we saw him at Lucky’s shop. He heard Lucky and I talking about the human condition. He said, ‘I just want to know why those kids tortured me at school’. I thought it would be a near impossible task, given his personal experiences and challenges for him to access these understandings of the human condition. After all, to most people he had never had a win in his life but somehow soldiered on.

He bought FREEDOM and struggled through 40 pages over about 6 months. One day I said to Lucky, ‘let’s go to Con’s house, what have we got to lose?’ We went. Con read some more and then some more and then joined the WTM Facebook Group and then one day BANG! Jeremy’s love/understanding flowed through his veins and bones like Niagara Falls. He looked like the happiest person on Earth. Lucky, Con and I had a great Zoom call together with Tony Miall from WTM Sydney which you can watch some extracts of in this post on the WTM Facebook Group.

Soon after that Con recorded this video with the WTM. He loved the WTM. He loved himself for the first time. We would laugh and he was always smiling and telling Lucky and I how much he felt sorry for all the doctors and nurses at the hospital because they were lost in their own human condition and in denial of this most obvious truth. Jeremy has quoted Christ speaking of a time when the meek will inherit the Earth. The tables had turned. Con was now very human and understood everything he ever wanted to know. He participated in this wonderful community and wrote some awesome Facebook Group posts. The last 12 months of his life he would wake up and say ‘what a beautiful day’ and he wanted everyone to know what that felt like. Yes it is sad he left us early but he lived more this last year than a thousand lifetimes in the dark cave of denial. He was the evidence that this truth can resuscitate even the most traumatised of people. He never gave up and his life was meaningful.

This is an extract from one of Con’s wonderfully appreciative Facebook Group posts: “Understanding our own human condition, our personal psychosis is an important reality we must all face, dealing with it equally as important. Jeremy Griffith’s life’s work gives us the roadmap to understanding not only the symptoms but the cause of our human psychosis or human condition…His books and all his other works form the complete basis for a new human understanding and the foundational base from which a new world can emerge.”

To read more about the Transformation that the explanation of the human condition makes possible, visit the WTM's Transformation page.