The World Transformation Movement (WTM) Melbourne Centre is dedicated to providing a forum & community, for people to easily discuss, understand & appreciate the ground breaking scientific insights into the Human Condition, presented by Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith in his latest book FREEDOM: The End of the Human Condition (from the World Transformation Movement website). The WTM Melbourne Centre complements the critically important work being done by our WTM Centre in Sydney, to help disseminate this world saving biological explanation to the world.

If you live in Melbourne or elsewhere in Victoria, and are already familiar with the WTM and Jeremy Griffith's work, or even part way through reading his books, then please feel free to get in touch! We'd love to hear from you.

The World Transformation Movement Melbourne Centre was launched by Sam Akritidis and Frank Balamatsias at the World Transformation Movement’s Inaugural Global Conference held in Sydney on 18 February 2017.

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    Sam Akritidis was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, he is a structural engineer, with a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng with honours), from Melbourne’s Monash University. He has represented Australia in the sport of lacrosse.

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    Frank Balamatsias is also a native Melbournian; he is a land surveyor who holds a Diploma in Engineering as well as a Bachelor of Business, both from RMIT.

As an example of how this information finally removes all the barriers between people; how it transforms individuals, families and everyone, see this amazing example in the Akritidis family (including Chris’s partner Nikola Tsivoglou), all of whom are part of the Melbourne WTM Centre.

This compilation of extracts from members of the family marvellously reveals how wonderfully relieving, reconciling and healing being able to understand the human condition is. You will see how the father, Ari, has been able to compassionately understand, and therefore be honest about, his extremely egocentric behaviour and how psychologically crushing it has been of everyone (see chapter 8:16D of FREEDOM, The ‘power addicted’ state). And you will see how relieving the honest understanding we now have about the relationship between men and women (see chapter 8:11B of FREEDOM, Men and women’s relationship) has been for the women in the family. And you will see how the younger members of the family are so relieved to be able to understand why it has been so difficult for young people to cope with the soul-destroyed, seemingly mad world we live in.

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The books and other publications Jeremy Griffith has written on his breakthrough biological explanation of the human condition are published by WTM Publishing & Communications.

MUST, MUST WATCH: Craig Conway, the acclaimed British actor, writer, producer and broadcaster — and the founder of WTM North East England Centre — has brought all his skills to bear to produce the ideal introduction to Jeremy Griffith’s explanation of the human condition in this absolutely astonishing, world-changing and world-saving interview with Jeremy. It’s called ‘THE’ Interview because in it Jeremy gives such a concise and accessible summary of his world-saving explanation of the human condition that it’s nothing less than the most important interview of all time!


Alongside the original WTM Centre in Sydney, Australia, World Transformation Movement Centres are being established around the world to help bring to everyone the now desperately needed all-relieving and all-explaining biological understanding of the underlying issue in all of human life of our troubled human condition.

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May 2022

By Sam Akritidis

In May we had a wonderful New World gathering hosted by WTM Melbourne's Ari and Desi Akritidis, and their children Chris, Alex, Katerina and Nicoletta, where our newest WTM Melbourne members (and high school friends of Ari's) Lucky and Con got to meet WTM Ballarat members Colleen and Angela, and WTM Melbourne members Ann Lau, Paula Brondolino and Nikola Tsivoglou as well as Founders Frank and Sam.

This is what Con had to say after reading Jeremy’s book FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition: ‘After some months I finally got the end of the book yesterday - and the beginning of something new. The work from start to finish is amazing. Chapters 8 and 9 extraordinary! In that moment it left me feeling like a wave of calmness and euphoria had washed over me. The hairs on my arms standing. Jeremy Griffith has produced a stunning piece of literature that the whole world deserves and needs to see. It’s simply magnificent. Simply Brilliant! The whole world needs to see this!’

And I learnt from Desi that she has put coloured tabs in her copy of FREEDOM as she knew she would be reading and sourcing from it regularly and wanted to make sure she could quickly access what sections were meaningful to her. I know too that Colleen has done something similar with her Freedom Essays.

And Frank, a few months ago posted this on the WTM Facebook Community page: ‘I just love this quote from the late Dr Harry Prosen, “The importance of this idea is immeasurable. The depths it enables us to reach in understanding ourselves…is bottomless.” He clearly saw how critically important Jeremy Griffiths biological explanation of the human condition is in being able to bring understanding and love to our species and in the process psychologically rehabilitate and transform the entire human race. And personally, I couldn't agree more with him. The depth that this information has gone in bringing understanding to my own human condition afflicted life has been immeasurable. Indeed I shudder at the thought of what life would be like without it.’

I couldn’t agree with you more Frank! As we had lunch and caught up with one another and got to know one other, we all considered ourselves lucky to have found this understanding.

WTM Melbourne and WTM Ballarat members and supporters WTM Melbourne and WTM Ballarat members and supporters

I might add, all of Jeremy Griffiths’ publications can be accessed for free at

March 2022

By Chris Akritidis

Being able to FINALLY understand ourselves as humans, and myself, and my life on a very personal level, has to be the most LIBERATING and RELIEVING thing on the planet! Jeremy Griffith HAS explained and answered the riddle of all riddles that have plagued us humans for eons: ‘WHY are we humans so competitive, aggressive and selfish when the ideals of life are so obviously to be cooperative, loving and selfless.’ Are we good, or are we ‘evil monsters’?

As Jeremy says in Freedom Essay 10:

“Yes, the psychological impact of not being able to explain and understand WHY the human race became a ‘fallen’, corrupted, brutally competitive, aggressive and selfish species has been colossal. In fact, most of human behaviour now is driven by, and most of our personalities are a direct result of, our inability to understand and know whether we are evil monsters or not. That IS the absolute bottom-line truth about our lives — that virtually all our behaviour has been based upon an immense uncertainty and insecurity about our fundamental goodness, worth and meaningfulness. As the explanation of the human condition in the third video/essay of this series finally explains, trying to keep at bay the dark shadow of our horrifically corrupted, guilt-stricken condition by constantly seeking validation of ourselves, and constantly blocking out and, if necessary, attacking any criticism of our sense of goodness, worth and meaning, is why we are an immensely egocentric, alienated and angry species!

Every day I find myself adjusting to the new reality that I am not an ‘evil monster’ but in fact a lovable and heroic human. With understanding I am seeing through myself and seeing the way the world works, and the ways I’ve coped with the human condition, allowing me to be secure about who I am, and brings meaning and excitement to my life that I never knew existed.

The weekly meetings I attend at the WTM Melbourne centre, the WTM Facebook Community Group and the friends and family, with whom I share these insights with on a regular basis, means the honest true human condition understood world is growing each and every day in me and in the world, and I couldn’t ask for anything better than that in my life!

William Blake’s painting ‘Cringing in Terror’ with arrow to his painting ‘Albion Arose’
William Blake’s Cringing in Terror (c.1794-96) left, and Albion Arose (c.1794-96) right

January 2022

By Frank Balamatsias

Since its initial inception back in 1983 which was then known as the Foundation for Humanity’s Adulthood, the World Transformation Movement has gone through many great and significant developments.

From a list of publications which include best sellers, to the most recent summa masterpiece by Jeremy Griffith FREEDOM The End Of The Human Condition, which now sits in Amazons top 10 sellers list in the UK under Human Evolution, the World Transformation Movement keeps on making inroads into the world of denial bringing understanding and freedom to all humans.

Greek translation of 'FREEDOM'

I can’t encourage you enough to visit the WTM website (, it literally is the most knowledgeable site you can visit on the planet that has to do with the issue of the human condition. It includes books, videos, media publications and some 62 Essays known as the Freedom Essays, all of which are free to download. You can spend hours scrolling through the site expanding your understanding and awareness of the human condition from topics which include science, religion, politics and the arts. It never ceases to amaze me how Jeremy Griffith was able to synthesis the holistic answer to and understanding of the human condition through, what seemed to me, such unrelated subjects. It is indeed mind aligning material that makes sense of all existence on earth and indeed makes sense of us humans.

Recently though, I have been drawn to all the new WTM Centres popping up around the world, some 50 in total, and the developments happening within each of them including our own here in Melbourne. Most notably have been the translations that have been occurring, making this biological understanding of the human condition more widely accessible and available to all humans of different language backgrounds. Some of these translations include Dutch, German, French, Spanish and Afrikaans with more to follow soon.

'FREEDOM' in Greece

Here in Melbourne the ancients would be most delighted as WTM member Ari Akritidis is translating Transform Your Life and Save the World, a condensed version of FREEDOM, into Greek. It’s something I can’t wait to see for myself. I’ve heard other WTM Centre members say how much further you can deepen your understanding of Jeremy Griffith's work through translating it into another language and sure to further mine.

It’s another selfless example of living in support of the biological understanding of the Human Condition and the liberation its set to trigger.

Yes! The words emblazoned at the Oracle ‘Man know thy Self’ have been fulfilled with Jeremy’s understanding and this translation aids in achieving that process.

‘The truth only has to appear once to set the world ablaze’ – Tellihard de Chardin

November 2021

By Sam Akritidis

On November 24th we held a scheduled MEETUP where we had wonderful discussions on the fabulous Reconciliation of Men and Women that understanding of the human condition finally makes possible, based on Freedom Essay 26.

“As is fully explained in chapter 8:11B of FREEDOM, ‘Men and women’s relationship after the emergence of the human condition’, with understanding of the human condition it can now be appreciated that the ignorance of our instinctive self or soul of our conscious thinking self or ego’s need to search for knowledge posed a threat to humanity and, since the historic role of males has been one of group protector (against marauding leopards, and the like), men had no choice but to take on the responsibility to fight this battle to champion our conscious thinking self or ego. This meant that when this upsetting battle against our instincts began after the emergence of consciousness some 2 million years ago, the nurturing matriarchal or female-centric priority that created our altruistic moral instincts and a cooperative humanity (see F. Essay 21), was superseded in importance by a patriarchal world. Men necessarily and unavoidably had to defeat the ignorance of our instinctive self or soul—this was humanity’s new priority—for if that battle wasn’t won humanity would self-destroy from perpetual ignorance and resulting terminal upset, in particular ever increasing and ultimately intolerable levels of alienation.

So while both men and women have suffered from the corrupted state of the human condition, men in particular have carried a burden of guilt about the exceptional angry, egocentric and alienated lives they were beset with as a result of battling so determinedly and heroically against our ignorant instinctive self or soul. For 2 million years men have had the loathsome and upsetting task of defying our all-sensitive and loving, yet unjustly condemning soul, all the while unable to explain why they were so upset and embattled. But now, having found the liberating explanation of our upset human condition, men have finally completed their job of championing our ego or conscious part of ourselves over the ignorance of the instinctive part of ourselves, and will finally find peace.”

Halleluyah! Lots of Love to everyone now on the Sunshine Highway! What a wonderful world we have coming.

September 2021

By Nicoletta Akritidis

Transformation! That has been what has dominated our meetings in September. One of our new members experienced a breakthrough in his initial Transformation with this information and of course his outburst of relief and freedom was so infectious over the meetings that we all felt the great excitement and energy revelling from his Transformation and ecstatic free state.

Adam Stork - from living with the trauma of the human condition to living free of it

The transformed state simply put is to just move on from living in a defensive and retaliatory state filled with being angry and preoccupied with looking for ways to reinforce our self worth. Every second of every day, humans are preocuppied with validating our self worth because we have never been able to confront the possibility of being a seemingly bad individual. BUT what Jeremy has given us is the TRUTH telling us we are all 100%, fundamentally good beings and in fact are the heroes of the story of life on Earth. Just let that sink in for a moment. We are not bad at all, but are heroes for having fulfilled the conscious minds search for knowledge, ultimately self knowledge.

WTM members and supporters

That is why and how we can all wear these genuine and authentic smiles on our faces because with this understanding of our human condition, our upset state is finally explained and understood and these smiles are an illustration of the relief from the burden of living under the duress of this psychological condition.

My favourite line in fact is this simple statement that Jeremy makes: That we humans suffer from a "psychological condition, not an immutable genetic one" so we have the choice to fully leave that insecure and embattled state of existence and live in the redeeming new world in which we choose to not live in that egocentric mindset and actually live for the macro perspective - for the human race!"

Drawing of people in front of a rising sun

July 21

Our Insecurity and need for validation finally explained!

By Ari Akritidis

It is surely an understatement to say that human beings are typically driven by behaviour that comes from a base of insecurity and the need for validation. Our every action, every second of every day, is at attempt at some level to prove our worth, to try and be good, to defend our behaviour and decision making, petrified at the prospect of failure or making a mistake. Well if not our, this was certainly my, ‘pre-understanding’ package. All the time, ready to lash out at criticism, completely overwhelmed with anxiety and defensiveness. We just accept this as ‘normal’ behaviour and keep on trying to get the wins, to keep the horrible feeling of failure and worthlessness at bay. But it takes it’s toll, particularly when those wins begin to run out after the age of 40 and into our 50’s. What then? What am I meant to do now? Where are the wins?

Like the untold common story of so many under the duress of the human condition, I was no longer feeling the love and admiration which sustained me during the early years of my marriage and when my children were young. A feeling of worthlessness, guilt and shame takes hold and instead of acknowledging this fundamental truth – we (I) disguised it again and gave it a name, ie. ‘a mid-life crisis’. Perhaps the thing I love the most about finally beating the ‘deaf effect’ and being able to access Jeremy’s explanations in his various books, is that I can finally understand where this insecurity comes from and why I had to seek validation to cope with the HC. Put simply, through Jeremy’s biological, first principles-based explanation of the HC, I no longer need to prove myself to myself! Or to the world.️

The explanation is clear in that we are all victims of a psychological ‘upset’ state (not that hard to admit when you truly look around you) that originated from; a sub conscious battle between our instinct (our original selfless, cooperative loving self) and our intellect (the development of our conscious brain) and need to search for knowledge. The explanation absolutely fully defends our ‘upset state’ and all of the awful things that followed. Imagine for a moment placing a fully conscious brain into for instance an Ostrich, and what confusion and disorientation that would cause to it.

From my personal perspective, the explanation of my ‘upset’ state allowed me to finally let go of the underlying shame and guilt (which I wasn’t even aware of) and embrace my fundamental goodness.

Through the information I have learnt that we (i) are fundamentally good at base, (ii) we (all humans) are explained, (iii) our actions are defended, (iv) we are understood and (v) we are loved and loveable. And just like that, once you read Freedom and understand the basis and reasons why the above is true, you are FREE. FREE from the HC by virtue of your awareness of it, and the magnitude of our species heroic journey to explain ourselves. What follows and replaces the previous anxiety and insecurity is an overwhelming sense of empathy, compassion and love of those around us. Not dogmatically imposed love like that being peddled by modern-day pseudo-idealism but genuine, truth-based affection for the heroic struggle of people trying to function in amongst the madness.

Jeremy Griffith and the WTM are devoted to this genuine love that comes from understanding ourselves. Whilst at a macro level the explanations will save humanity, I am incredibly grateful for the micro-level gift that it is to my personal life.

Time to put all of my upset into a suitcase, and devote my life to sharing and discussing this information with humans all over.

May 2021

The paradoxical nature of humans - Shakespeare

By Nicoletta Akritidis

What I love so much about understanding the true nature of human duality, through the truth about our human condition is that it relates to everyday life.

I am right now studying teaching at university, and in my literature course, I am reading Hamlet.

Instantly I remembered how Jeremy Griffith quotes a Shakespeare quote from Hamlet that I loved so much and came across it in the play.

“What a piece of work is a man! How noble in reason! How infinite in faculty!…In action how like an angel! In apprehension how like a god! The beauty of the world! The paragon of animals! And yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust? [Brutal and barbaric] Man delights not me” (Hamlet, 1603)

A mother and child approaching the ‘Gardens of the Human Condition’ with an expression of bewildered dread on the face of the mother, and in the case of the child, wide-eyed shock

Gardens of the Human Condition by Michael Leunig

This just manifests to me the underlying knowing all humans have about how far we have split from our instinctive state of peace and love.

However we can now drop the masks of pretence and truly understand why we have had to corrupt our souls and become angry beings. Through this understanding we can alleviate our anger and slowly repair ourselves to truly live out our loving and cooperative self, without the pseudo (fake) masks.

Ultimately, I adore how much the truth intertwines itself into life, even my literature class, and how I can make connections and relate back to this truth all the time.

In this case, it just deepens my love for the Truth and the fact that I don't need to be confused about the duality of humans anymore, like Hamlet was, but instead I can understand me and everyone else which allows me to live out my happy spirit genuinely which is where the world is leading to the future with this understanding.

Jeremy Griffith’s picture of the dancing storks,
showing the reconciliation of instinct and intellect

Jeremy Griffith’s picture of the dancing storks, showing the reconciliation of instinct and intellect

March 21

By Sam Akritidis

Hi Everyone,

Well it's been a very active start to 2021 at the Melbourne WTM Centre, with membership numbers increasing as people join in the great victory parade, celebrating Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith’s breakthrough explanation of The Human Condition, which has at last opened up a new world for humans and the wonderful Transformed Lifeforce State now available for everyone to take up.️

It’s been the most humbling experience for me as co-founder of the Melbourne WTM Centre to have met so many wonderfully honest and compassionate people in this city and around the world, sharing our journey's and supporting each other as we each naturally take-up the Transformed Lifeforce State.

Each week we are having profound discussions in our WTM meetups about previously off-limits topics such as the importance of nurturing in the maturation of our species, Integrative Meaning or God, the roles of Men and Women, and the fact we were once innocent like the bonobo apes, which has impacted us to such a wonderful extent, increasing our sensitivity to the world around us, compassion for each other, a sense of community and an enthusiasm for life like never before. There’s a growing support for a world based on understanding the human condition, love, as opposed to a life in denial of the human condition as was the only option for us prior to Jeremy’s revelation’s about the nature of humans, and I strongly encourage anyone and everyone who has read and appreciated Jeremy Griffith’s work to continue to make contact with us and join in the great victory parade and to help us keep the momentum going because it’s simply the best thing happening on the planet right now!

Drawing of Man and Women representing war and peace making reconciliation

Men and Women, War and Peace
by Michael Leunig, Melbourne’s The Age newspaper, 2 Sep. 1989

January 2021

By Alexander Akritidis

I’m just loving at the moment the idea of the new world. It’s what really motivates me to get up each morning and be able to live in the new world and understand my fundamental goodness and understand the behaviour all around me. This understanding of the human condition has given me a new start to life with actual meaning and purpose! The relief I feel to even be able to acknowledge my egocentric, angry and alienated state is huge, because no longer am I having to deny it because of its implication that I’m bad for it. Now I know that I’m a hero and I’m a product of 2 million years worth of upset, and the most selfless thing I can now do is to just support this project with open arms and free myself from the burden of being oppressively egocentric and manipulative towards others. I’m aware that as we are the conduit generation I’m going to need a certain degree of wins/superficial reinforcement in the old world just to give me enough stability so that I can be as functional as possible in the new world. I mean really, when I apply the logic, why would I even want that reinforcement when I literally have the understanding of why I’m fundamentally good. Haha but I try to be realistic as well and it’s a gradual process. Crazy I get to be one of the first people since humanity began to be able to live the rest of my life effectively free of the human condition.

Freedom from the cave-like state of the human condition

Cringing in Terror (c.1794-96) and Albion Arose (c.1794-96) by William Blake;
coloured impression of Albion Arose by Carol Marando

November 20

The biological explanation of the Human Condition is the Biggest News Ever

By Frank Balamatsias

Often as a child I wondered what I would have been doing when man landed on the moon for the very first time or when Elvis was first played over the radio. Where would I be in that moment in history, who would I be with? This anticipation of experiencing something as significant and as life altering as these events captivated me as a child and for a time gave me a sense of hope for the future, that I too one day would experience something as BIG as that.️

However, as time went on, the anticipation of hearing of some big, life altering news grew dimmer and my hope began to wane. Everyday seemed the same, it was like ‘ground hog’ day. Jump in your car, sit in traffic for a solid hour and think ‘what a waste of time’. There was very little that could inspire, and the current circumstances rendered you better off not thinking about it — life under the duress of the human condition had become growing ever more hopeless by the day.

And then the news came, and it has to be said of big news, that 1) it is not expected, and 2) it comes from the least expected person (my mate Sam in my case); and in the case of the biological explanation of the Human Condition, from the least expecting part of the world: outback Australia!

My goodness, life has not been the same. The ground-hog day malaise of living with the Human Condition has come to a close and a new world of possibilities of living free of the Human Condition was beginning to open up. What a moment in time, what an event — this will be talked about for ever!

Freedom from the cave-like state of the human condition

Indeed, the arrival of the biological explanation of the Human Condition was the BIG news event that I lived in hope for, but not just me, all of humanity has lived in hope for it. With its underlying message of redeeming, reconciling understanding it establishes our fundamental goodness both as individuals and as a species.

Yes, as Teilhard de Chardin wrote ‘the truth only has to appear once for it to set everything ablaze’, and you can see that with our most recent big news event, the Akritidis family who have gallantly let the truth into their lives, ‘Transforming’ themselves in the process.

Please check out our testimonials section to see for yourselves.

So, for any would be readers please don’t hesitate and get in touch with us, we’ve all been living in anticipation of this day!


Our Homecoming

By Paula Felegakkis

We discuss many inspirational topics in our WTM meetings; one of the most recent being the idea of humanity finally being able to experience the ‘homecoming’ that we’ve all been yearning for. A return to our soul-connected and innocent loving state.

In his book FREEDOM Jeremy Griffith clearly explains that our internal conflicted state can now end, our war is over and the human condition solved. We can finally take our fully conscious brain, explained and justified in all its glory, and return to a place where our soul is nourished once again. Quoting FREEDOM Chapter 9:2, Para. 1147: “Our previously inescapable need to live alienated from our beautiful soul, with all the horror that such a destructive, dishonest and shallow existence entailed, can now end, and the human race at last return to the non-upset ideal state we have longed for…this time we’ll return in a fully conscious, aware and understanding state.”

Jeremy Griffith often quotes the following excerpt from T.S. Eliot’s poem Little Gidding, which so perfectly describes the internal longing we all possess to reconnect with a soul we so necessarily had to abandon in our search for knowledge; the search to explain our human condition; “We shall not cease from exploration; And the end of all our exploring; Will be to arrive where we started ; And to the know the place for the first time.”

So what does all this mean for our daily lives? Well, I can only give an account of my own personal experience with this very powerful truth. For me, this ‘homecoming' is a feeling of being ‘plugged into’ the world again; not the superficial, narcissistic alienated world, but the real soulful world. I feel an inner warmth, an excitement that can’t be put into words because it can only be captured in feeling. Once experienced, it’s like a drug, intoxicating and highly addictive.

Jeremy refers to this as humanity’s 'Transformed Lifeforce State', Chapter 9 of FREEDOM details how this is now the state that all humans can live in, because the human condition has been explained and the riddle solved. Upon entering and staying in this state, we can all return home, not with a regret for what the human condition has put us through, but with celebration for the heroism of humanity’s bravery and endurance.

Every paragraph in FREEDOM contains such treasures of insight and food for thought. Humans have been in a holding pattern for thousands of years, just waiting for this information to surface and liberate us once and for all. I can only encourage every person to open up their minds and let this information flow in freely. The door to our soul has been opened once again, it’s now up to each and every one of us to lead humanity back home again.️

Rising Sun Drawing


Finally some good news!

By Nicole Vlahakis

I came across this information at the start of 2020 and to put it simply, it has completely changed me. At the time I felt like there was more to our lives and purpose but didn’t know how or where to start looking. I had what I thought was everything you could ever need in life but there was still a feeling of emptiness I couldn’t explain. I’ve read my fair share of self-help books, which are a temporary bandaid, but I felt like they weren’t getting to the bottom of what makes us all tick. Well, this is exactly what this information does. We don’t need self-help, we need self-understanding so we know what’s in our hearts and souls. And by doing that you somehow start to understand everyone around you — family, friends, even strangers. It’s like being a kid again when you just want to be friends with everybody without fear or ego getting in our way.️

Happy children cartoon

It’s about time we looked at ourselves and our fellow humans with real compassion for one another! What a bloody relief! To say it’s a celebration is an understatement! Just give it a go!

Check out the books or website as you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Literally EVERYTHING!!

Sunshine Highway cartoon


A picture is worth a thousand words!

By Nicoletta

Colourful drawing of a FREEDOM bus by World Transformation Melbourne member Nicoletta

Here is a little drawing I did that represents the ‘WTM’s Freedom and Peace Train’ with wheels of sun and colour and brightness and happiness with music of the soul and so much sunshine to shine the ultimate light of truth on everyone ❤️☀️

A jumping, excited free man with the banner ‘FREE AT LAST’

I think Jeremy's beautiful picture below captures the happiness and freedom that everyone feels with this understanding! And it's so perfectly placed in paragraph 1279 of FREEDOM to match his excitement filled words of the souls world that we are returning to!: ‘Understanding the human condition allows us to know that we are all absolutely wonderful, utterly sublime, completely lovable, and that having all fully contributed to humanity’s successful battle against ignorance we are all fabulous heroes of the story of life on Earth. So now we, THE HUMAN RACE AS A WHOLE, should give ourselves the biggest party ever. Everyone everywhere is going to be hoppin’ and boppin’, rompin’ and stompin’, hollerin’ and howlin’, movin’ and groovin’, rollickin’ and rollin’, hootin’ and tootin’, jumping and jiving, jolting and somersaulting, skipping and skating, shaking and shimmering, hugging and laughing, embracing and gyrating, twisting and shouting, dancing and singing, slipping and sliding, jamming and slamming, ripping and roaring, whirling and twirling and reelin’ and rockin’. Yes, ‘allow freedom to ring…from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city’ because ‘all of God’s children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics’, the more innocent and the more upset, the short and the tall, the big and the small, those who are left-handed and those who are right-handed, the butcher, the baker and the candlestick-maker, EVERYONE, can ‘join hands and sing’, ‘Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last [from unjust condemnation]!’

So now we can just bathe in the glorious, redeeming sunlight of understanding and embrace the excitement and energy that we can access again through this understanding! ????☀️????


Read Paula's answer to the question What is the World Transformation Movement? below, where describes how "the WTM provide a safe and supportive community in which I can ask the difficult questions about how our human condition affects my daily life and the lives of others around me."


Read Sam' answer to the question What is the World Transformation Movement? below, where he explains that: "The World Transformation Movement is an organisation that is dedicated to ensuring that all human beings have access to the true meaning and understanding of life on earth."


My Sydney experience - By Nicoletta

I was never expecting this day to come so soon. The day that I could visit the WTM centre in Sydney! For so long I had been wanting so much to visit everyone and give everyone enormous hugs and meet the incredible team that works so tirelessly every day to help save the human race. And I was finally lucky enough to do so this year.

Already being so young and to be exposed to this information is lucky enough, yet being able to meet a whole family of people who understand this and can talk to me about this ‘no-go zone’ subject was just an amazing feeling. No one had EVER been able to confront this fearful subject yet I was able to be surrounded by honesty all day and encircled by so much love and joy. It’s the ultimate experience and just proves that some day (which is coming soon), every person in the whole world will be able to feel the joy and love and happiness from knowing the battle is over and they can rejoice in this freedom and relief just like I did and will be able to share it with every human on the planet all day long. Everyday in the future will feel like my experience at Sydney and that’s just incredible to think about.

From talking to Weavy for around 2 1/2 years and feeling the love already, to experiencing Chris’ reaction/s after coming back from Sydney I was so excited to go. It definitely felt like my inncer child was at home and at peace when I was there. And to top all that being able to hear the one and only Jeremy do his presentation AND even relate it to school and the relief of exposing all the bullshit and even the maths part of how silly and mechanistic it is, was just so awesome. The feeling was indescribable having so much honesty and love throughout the whole day with the GTM later that night. For once I was in the other side of the screen ????

Overall just an incredible experience to have so many adults especially that actually took time to care about me and genuinely not in a pseudo way ask me about me! That’s so special for a kid.

So thanks to everyone for such a wonderful weekend and can’t wait to visit everyone again ❤

Melbourne WTM Centre members with FREEDOM Melbourne WTM Centre members with FREEDOM Melbourne WTM Centre members with FREEDOM

A visit to the Sydney WTM Centre - By Desi

Wow wow wow!!!!

Such an amazing, emotionally beautiful experience this weekend, having come to visit WTM Sydney with my family. I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to have met Jeremy, who has had an enormously positive impacted on me & my family which words cannot explain!

A HUGE thank you to all you beautiful & warm people in WTM SYDNEY, which now I can call my new extended family ❤❤❤.

This was a very special experience which I will not forget and can’t express my gratitude enough on how I could feel the love always in everyone’s presences.

Looking forward to our next catch up ????❤????❤????❤????❤

Melbourne WTM Centre members with FREEDOM


Read Chris' answer to the question What is the World Transformation Movement? below, where he explains: "Unlike other false starts and fake idealistic causes, the WTM is based completely on a verifiable and logic driven first principle biology. Upon studying freedom, you will soon realise the more you read that there is an answer to your every question, and if there isn't then you just need to keep reading until there is!"


Read Desi's answer to the question What is the World Transformation Movement? below, where she highlights: "Every human wants to feel FREE, being part of the WTM & reading the book FREEDOM does exactly that !!"


All humans are enduring the same battle — but the battle has now been won, the war is over!

By Nikola

I have the memories of being a little girl and thinking that the world had gone mad. I was always curious and kept asking “why” to every unanswered why, which as you can imagine would have been frustrating to those around me. But no one was able to provide me with a satisfying answer that wouldn’t create more questions in my mind. No one could answer why there were people on the streets while we lived in a massive house, why people murder, and what brings them to that point, or even as simple as why my older brother wouldn’t get told off for the same thing I would get in trouble for. I never felt as though I belonged in this world; my mind would race and I could never hush the thoughts inside my head, always trying to analyse situations and make sense of my frustrations at the world. I came to the realisation that I wasn’t going to get the answers from those around me. Once I hit late primary school, I decided I was going to study psychology – the study of the human mind and behaviours. This was going to answer every question I had and solve all of my problems, and the world's. An issue was however, that I had to wait seven years to be able to go to university to study this subject, and I had to make sure my marks were good enough to get in. So, from an average student I worked hard to receive grade A marks to secure my chances to find the answers to all my questions.

Then… high school hit. The world started to become lonelier than it did before. My twin sister and I were getting bullied from individuals in our year level for no apparent reason. Another reason to feel as though I didn’t belong. I felt okay as long as I had my sister around, because I had a vision that I was going to be able to understand why people bully one day. Unfortunately, it impacted my sister in such a great way that she couldn’t bear being at school anymore, so she dropped out.

I turned fifteen, and I lost a close relative that I loved so dearly. I always questioned my Orthodox Christian faith growing up, more so now than ever. I had made up my mind. God wasn’t real. How could he take someone away that was a believer, someone that was loved by so many? It seemed to not make sense and I wasn’t going to believe in something that gave me no answers. At fifteen the bullying grew greater, more destructive, more manipulative, more savage than ever before and the general response was turning a blind eye to the pain and suffering I was going through. It got to a point where my already existent belief of not belonging became so unbearable that I wanted to end my life. …The only thing that stopped me was knowing deep down that one day, every little thing that I went through was going to be made okay because everything was soon going to be explained.

The end of high school arrived and I made it into the course of my dreams; the course that was going to answer all of my questions. Six months into the course, I quickly realised that psychology didn’t answer everything. I was still left asking “why” to the unanswered why’s, but I knew that I wasn’t going to give up.

Collage of 3 images depicting teenage depression

During this time, I met someone. Someone who was willing to question things just as much as I did. Their journey that brought them to that point is a whole other story, but that story brought us together for a reason. The reason was this: he introduced me to Jeremy Griffiths book FREEDOM: THE END OF THE HUMAN CONDITION. When he initially started speaking to me about these understandings, I questioned everything and I tried poking holes in every statement he made. As I read the book, I would message him and say, “yeah, but what about this?”. And sure enough, the very next few lines answered the questions I had, and eventually, everything started to stack up. It answered all of little Nikola’s questions, all her why’s to all the unanswered why’s and even beyond what her mind could even fathom. As I sit here with tears in my eyes and reflect upon my life’s journey, reminded of the pain I went through I can honestly say that this biological understanding of humans that Jeremy Griffith has presented has saved my life. They are tears of joy, of happiness, of celebration and excitement that humans can now live FREE of this condition in which we have had to suffer and endure to find these answers.

If I could send a message to little Nikola, the one that had to go through what she went through it would be as simple as this: You’re not going through it alone. All humans are enduring the same battle. But the battle has now been won, the war is over.

And my message to whomever is reading this blog is; you’re not going through it alone. All humans are enduring the same battle. But the battle has now been won, the war is over. Trust the process of the book, there is a method to the way Jeremy Griffith writes. He does an amazing job of parenting you through the process of transformation. I hope that these understandings will answer all your why’s and how’s, and that it will save your life as it did mine.

A jumping, excited free man with the banner ‘FREE AT LAST’


Sam, Doug and Neil from WTM Sydney caught up with the founders of WTM Melbourne, Sam Akriditis and Frank Balamatsias, on a recent trip to Melbourne. They were able to have a great chat about the human condition, the transformation that is now possible, and the fantastic progress of the Melbourne centre over a beer and a meal in the heart of Melbourne. Note, the orange suits were donned in support of Sam, Doug and Neil’s favourite football team who were playing in the AFL Grand Finals that weekend … so the colours of FREEDOM were in abundance!

SamB and Doug discussing the human condition with WTM Melbourne Centre founders SamA and Frank WTM Melbourne founders, Sam A and Frank, with Doug and Sam B from WTM Sydney who are dressed in orange


The Melbourne WTM Centre is incredibly excited to welcome to our global network of support a new WTM Centre in Victoria! Our friend, and now fellow Centre founder, Angela Ryan has just opened the WTM Ballarat Centre — and so we encourage you to visit to learn all about Angela, who is a mother and lawyer who also holds Bachelor of Science degree in Rehabilitation and Human Services from Penn State University in her native USA. Angela is an incredibly warm and intelligent person making an invaluable contribution to this project, and we can’t wait to share in her enthusiasm as we work hard to promote this world-saving understanding of the human condition across our state, and the world!

Angela Ryan launch video for the World Transformation Movement Ballarat Centre


The team at the WTM Melbourne Centre was thrilled to have a very strong presence at the wonderfully exciting August 2019 Global Transformation Meeting. The meeting overflowed with fellowship and inspirational discussion between Centre founders and members from every corner of the globe, and featured particularly special contributions from Melbourne’s Chris, Ari, Nicoletta and Alex Akritidis on how Jeremy’s explanation of the human condition has the power to explain the egocentric state, and empathetically bridge the historical divide between generations, especially between young children and adults.

Watch the highlights of the August meeting below:

Or you can watch all of the August meeting here


Angela Ryan (5th from left), founder of the newly created WTM Ballarat Centre, met up with members of the WTM Melbourne Centre, for lunch at Daylesford, to support Angela’s wonderful initiative to open a WTM Centre in Ballarat.

WTM Melbourne members at a restaurant with Angela Ryan


We were all thrilled to meet and host Dr Anna Fitzgerald (5th from left), a WTM founding member, on one of her business trips to Melbourne. It was a great night discussing these exciting understandings and Anna said it was ‘wonderful’: ‘They are too good to be true. The environment they have created is so supportive of living with the truth about humans. It’s brilliant. I found hanging out with them so inspiring.’

WTM Melbourne members with Anna having dinner


During a break in their February 2019 visit to Sydney, members of the Austrian and Melbourne WTM Centres went for an invigorating walk through a local national park with some of the founding members of the Sydney WTM Centre. It was a wonderful way to get to know each other better while appreciating the beauty of the late summer weather and wildflowers.

WTM Melbourne and Austrian Centre members bush walking in Sydney


Newly interested people are invited to join our MEETUP Group, to interact and discuss with others that share a deep appreciation of these breakthrough biological insights into the Human Condition.

Click here to join

Screenshot of World Transformation Movement Melbourne Meetup page


WTM Melbourne representatives Sam, Chris & Frank visited WTM Sydney to meet with founder of WTM USA EAST COAST Gerry St Onge, WTM SWEDEN Olof Österman, WTM AUSTRIA founder Stefan Rössler, to listen to biologist & WTM founder Jeremy Griffith’s latest presentation on the Human Condition.

Sam, Chris and Frank with World Transformation Movement founder Jeremy Griffith Group of World Transformation Movement members on cliff top with FREEDOM


Instagram story from Chris (a WTM Melbourne Member).

Freedom book cover Instagram post tagging the World Transformation Movement


A snapshot from this weeks WTM Melbourne Meeting: Our weekly meetings are a great place for new people interested in these ideas to come along and find out more and ask questions about these incredible insights into the human condition and to meet other WTM members!

Melbourne World Transformation Movement members sitting around table discussing FREEDOM


Instagram post from Chris (a WTM Melbourne Member)

Instagram post - FREEDOM is Life Changing tagging the World Transformation Movement Instagram post - FREEDOM is Life Changing tagging the World Transformation Movement


In January, we had a special visit from WTM Sydney Centre founding member Sam Belfield. We discussed a range of topics, but particularly gained a lot of knowledge from Sam's experience in understanding the Human Condition, and helping people overcome the Deaf Effect to access the wonderful Transformed State. It was a great day out along St Kilda Beach in Melbourne, Victoria.

World Tranformation Movement Members Sam, Frank and Sam stanidng on a dock in Melbourne

Sam Akritidis (Melbourne WTM Centre Co-founder), Sam Belfield (Sydney WTM Centre Founding Member), Frank Balamatsias (Melbourne WTM Centre Co-founder)

2017-12-15 - Members Library

We've been busy building the Melbourne WTM Centre's library, so members can easily access reference material contained in Australian Biologist Jeremy Griffith's works, especially his most definitive book FREEDOM: The End of the Human Condition (

Shelf of books at the Melbourne World Transformation Movement Centre


We had a special visit from Sydney WTM founding members Tony Gowing and Tess Watson in November, where we had some delicious dinner at the Squire's Loft in Albert Park, and later showed them around Melbourne's CBD, where Tony and Tess shared their experiences on how to become transformed and overcome the Mexican Stand-Off, as well as explain how understanding the human condition reconciles Men & Women. It was a great night out.

Frank, Tess, Tony and Sam at the Melbourne World Transformation Movement Centre


Check out the highlights from our September 2017 World Transformation Movement Global Transformation Meeting!


Check out the highlights from our June 2017 World Transformation Movement Global Transformation Meeting!


Over the queens birthday long weekend, WTM Melbourne Centre representatives Frank Balamatsias and Sam Akritidis visited some of the Sydney World Transformation Movement founding members.

A truly memorable visit with wonderful stories and experiences shared living and rejoicing these incredibly exciting breakthrough scientific insights. The fellowship these insights inspire really does breathe life back to Humanity.

Table of World Transformation Movement members having lunch


Online meetings have been launched by the WTM Melbourne Centre. At present, these meetings are only available to members who have some appreciation of the biological truth about the human condition presented on our main website

If you would like to participate, why not learn more about the subject and become a subscriber here.


The WTM Melbourne Centre representatives Sam Akritidis and Frank Balamatsias meet with Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith (author of FREEDOM: The End of the Human Condition and founder of the World Transformation Movement) in February 2017.

Melbourne World Transformation Movement founder Jeremy Griffith laughing with Sam and Frank


What an incredible moment in Melbourne's and humanity's history. The WTM Melbourne Centre has been launched, and the relief and excitement that these breakthrough scientific insights deliver to all humans, are now even more accessible to everyone in this great city.

Frank and Sam talking before the Melbourne World Transformation Movement Centre launch