The Melbourne World Transformation Movement (WTM) Centre is dedicated to providing a forum and community complementing the critically important work being done by the Sydney WTM Centre.

By establishing a WTM Centre here in Melbourne, we are able to assist people access the relief, excitement, and transformation that is ultimately achieved through gaining an appreciation and understanding of the ground breaking scientific insights into the Human Condition, presented by Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith in his latest book FREEDOM: The End of the Human Condition (from the World Transformation Movement website). 

So Let’s Go Melbourne and access your FREEDOM here !


The Melbourne WTM Centre was launched by Sam Akritidis and Frank Balamatsias at the World Transformation Movement’s Inaugural Global Conference held in Sydney on 18 February 2017.  



A transcript of all speeches from the Inaugural Global Conference is included in The Rising Sun booklet freely available on the World Transformation Movement website.


The latest WTM Books and Publications, including FREEDOM:The End of the Human Condition, are freely available to download from the World Transformation Movement website.