Video Presentations

To help you understand and explain the Human Condition, the following videos introduce the context of the subject, and the biological explanation presented by renowned Australian Biologist Jeremy Griffith in his book Freedom: The End of the Human Condition.

All video content and much much more is freely available on the main World Transformation Movement website


Why THIS SOLves Everything

This video highlights the underlying core issue remaining to be understood and explained, to bring about an end to all the suffering...the issue of the Human Condition.


The False savage instincts excuse

This video highlights the savage instincts excuse science has used, which ultimately avoided the subject of the human condition, and escalated the suffering on earth.  


the scientific explanation of the human condition

This video introduces and explains the human condition, beginning with a reference to Plato's cave allegory, to emphasise the traditional fear and denial of the subject which has made it virtually impossible for most humans to analyse.  


the resulting transformation that ends all the suffering

This short 8min video summarises the relief, joy, excitement and resulting transformation now made accessible to all humans, as a result of the breakthrough scientific explanation of the human condition.