Transcript of Sam Akritidis’s video from the World Transformation Movement 2017 Global Conference

Sam Akritidis at the World Transformation Movement 2017 Global Conference 

Sam Akritidis at the World Transformation Movement 2017 Global Conference 



Genevieve Salter's (WTM Member) introduction to Sam:

So, I’d now like to introduce Sam Akritidis. Sam was born in Melbourne, Australia, and is of Greek origin. He’s a Structural Engineer. He’s also represented Australia in the sport of Lacrosse. Sam is a long time member of the World Transformation Movement and also a long time friend of us all here at the Sydney World Transformation Movement (WTM) Centre.

Sam’s speech:

As Genevieve mentioned, my name is Sam Akritidis, and I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia.

I just can’t believe this time has come, and that I am here on Earth right now to witness these ideas take hold and culminate into a massive tsunami of love across the world to end all the suffering.

I first became aware of Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith’s thesis on the human condition in 2005, after reading his best-selling book A Species In Denial. From that time on, there has not been a day that I haven’t feasted on all the incredible life-changing explanations captured in Jeremy’s work. It simply, rationally and logically gets to the bottom of every aspect of our behaviour, and provides an unbelievably exciting transforming potential for all of human kind.

Understanding the human condition changes everything. Over the last 12 years I have spent countless hours reading, absorbing and discussing these insights and have thoroughly enjoyed witnessing the relief and transforming positive effects that it has on people’s lives. But now it’s time to make it really happen.

Until recently, I have been working in NSW and now that I have come back to my hometown of Melbourne, where I have many old friends, some of whom are also greatly appreciative of this work—especially Frank Balamatsias who is sitting here beside me—we have decided we just have to establish a World Transformation Movement Centre in Melbourne. I can’t think of anything more fulfilling to do than to encourage others to explore and understand these insights, and assist them in any way I can to access the relief that they bring to every individual.

I know from experience that the human condition is an incredibly difficult and confronting subject and has been completely off-limits since time immemorial, but there really is nothing to be scared of. The more you work your way into Jeremy’s explanations, the more you see how relieving, redeeming and uplifting understanding the human condition is.

Dismantling the traditional fear and anxiety associated with the subject, by providing a place to openly talk about and discuss the paradigm is something I think is absolutely exciting. There is no subject in the world that is more deserving of a forum and Centre than this compassionate understanding of ourselves.

What an incredible scientific breakthrough Jeremy Griffith has presented. For me his latest book FREEDOM is the bedrock on which humanity’s now optimistic, exciting and free future will be based. Being here today, and being able to contribute in my small way is more significant than anything else I can think of. In my opinion, nothing provides greater benefit to an individual more than this biological understanding of the causes of oppression, pain and upset, and more importantly, nothing else resolves the psychosis-inducing conflict that has been crippling humans for an extremely long time.

For those that live in Melbourne or anywhere in Victoria, please know that Frank and I would love nothing more than to offer our time and support to you in any way we can. The biological work being presented by the WTM on its website at is a triumph for science and for the whole of humanity, and it’s bloody exciting.