The Melbourne World Transformation Movement (WTM) Centre is dedicated to providing a forum & community, for people to easily discuss, understand & appreciate the ground breaking scientific insights into the Human Condition, presented by Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith in his latest book FREEDOM: The End of the Human Condition (from the World Transformation Movement website).  The Melbourne WTM Centre compliments the critically important work being done by our Sydney WTM Centre, to help disseminate this world saving biological explanation to the world.  

If you live in Melbourne or elsewhere in Victoria, and are already familiar with the WTM and Jeremy Griffith's work, or even part way through reading his books, then please feel free to get in touch! We'd love to hear from you.

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The Melbourne World Transformation Movement Centre was launched by Sam Akritidis and Frank Balamatsias at the World Transformation Movement’s Inaugural Global Conference held in Sydney on 18 February 2017.  



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The latest WTM Books and Publications, including FREEDOM:The End of the Human Condition, are freely available to download from the World Transformation Movement website.


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A message from the Melbourne WTM Centre

We get asked lots and lots of questions, from "What is the WTM? What is the Human Condition? What is biologist Jeremy Griffiths 'Instinct vs Intellect' explanation of the Human Condition? How does understanding the human condition explain the Meaning of Life? How does it explain God? Is the WTM a religion? Is the WTM a new age movement? Is the WTM a cultWhy is understanding the human condition important to my life? Does this really change anything?"...For brief answers to all of these questions and more, check out our FAQ page, or click the questions above!

2018-10-23 - Newly interested people are invited to join our MEETUP Group, to interact and discuss with others that share a deep appreciation of these breakthrough biological insights into the Human Condition.

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2018-08-25 - WTM Melbourne representatives Sam, Chris & Frank visited WTM Sydney to meet with founder of WTM USA EAST COAST Gerry St Onge, WTM SWEDEN Olof Österman, WTM AUSTRIA founder Stefan Rössler, to listen to biologist & WTM founder Jeremy Griffith’s latest presentation on the Human Condition.

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2018-06-02 - Instagram story from Chris (a Melbourne WTM Member).

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2018-05-16 - A snapshot from this weeks Melbourne WTM Meeting

Our weekly meetings are a great place for new people interested in these ideas to come along and find out more and ask questions about these incredible insights into the human condition and to meet other WTM members! 


2018-04-07 - Instagram post from Chris (a Melbourne WTM Member)

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In January, we had a special visit from Sydney WTM Centre founding member Sam Belfield. We discussed a range of topics, but particularly gained a lot of knowledge from Sam's experience in understanding the Human Condition, and helping people overcome the Deaf Effect to access the wonderful Transformed State. It was a great day out along St Kilda Beach in Melbourne, Victoria.

Sam Akritidis (Melbourne WTM Centre Co-founder), Sam Belfield (Sydney WTM Centre Founding Member), Frank Balamatsias (Melbourne WTM Centre Co-founder)

Sam Akritidis (Melbourne WTM Centre Co-founder), Sam Belfield (Sydney WTM Centre Founding Member), Frank Balamatsias (Melbourne WTM Centre Co-founder)

2017-12-15 - Members Library

We've been busy building the Melbourne WTM Centre's library, so members can easily access reference material contained in Australian Biologist Jeremy Griffith's works, especially his most definitive book FREEDOM: The End of the Human Condition ( 



We had a special visit from Sydney WTM founding members Tony Gowing and Tess Watson in November, where we had some delicious dinner at the Squire's Loft in Albert Park, and later showed them around Melbourne's CBD, where Tony and Tess shared their experiences on how to become transformed and overcome the Mexican Stand-Off, as well as explain how understanding the human condition reconciles Men & Women. It was a great night out. 



Check out the highlights from our September 2017 World Transformation Movement Global Transformation Meeting!


Check out the highlights from our June 2017 World Transformation Movement Global Transformation Meeting!


Over the queens birthday long weekend, Melbourne WTM Centre representatives Frank Balamatsias and Sam Akritidis visited some of the Sydney World Transformation Movement founding members.

A truly memorable visit with wonderful stories and experiences shared living and rejoicing these incredibly exciting breakthrough scientific insights. The fellowship these insights inspire really does breathe life back to Humanity.



Online meetings have been launched by the Melbourne WTM Centre. At present, these meetings are only available to members who have some appreciation of the biological truth about the human condition presented on our main website

If you would like to participate, why not learn more about the subject and become a subscriber here.


The WTM Melbourne Centre representatives Sam Akritidis and Frank Balamatsias meet with Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith (author of FREEDOM: The End of the Human Condition and founder of the World Transformation Movement) in February 2017.



What an incredible moment in Melbourne's and humanity's history. The Melbourne WTM Centre has been launched, and the relief and excitement that these breakthrough scientific insights deliver to all humans, are now even more accessible to everyone in this great city.